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Crises happen. Preparation makes all the difference. We help national and international players build a strong reputation — and keep it strong in tough times. Our agency handles crisis communication and preparation according to a sustainable IR strategy.

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Keep your head above water with thoughtful crisis PR and reputation management

We’ve done it before: every successful company will inevitably encounter periods of adversity or challenge. That is why we prioritize proactive planning and the development of adaptable response strategies. 

Moreover, when a crisis strikes, we are fully prepared to respond in a quick and composed manner. Our extensive expertise in crisis communication and reputation management positions us to not only restore but enhance your standing.

Rely on our support and expertise to navigate your organization from crisis to triumph. Whatever internal or external factors may have caused the challenges you face: we are committed to transforming these obstacles into learnings that lead to improved performance, good governance and effective communication strategies.

Follow the steps with our crisis communications agency:

  • Recognising the crisis: helping you to recognise the symptoms in time and not to misinterpret them — from falling stock prices to declining shareholder confidence
  • Taking the time to investigate: we perform crisis analysis to understand causes, impacts & potential risks to the organization's reputation & business operations
  • Measuring the impact: our investor relations managers provide strategic counsel & guidance relying on 30 years of experience
  • Choosing the right channel to communicate: according to our crisis plan we’re preparing accurate processes, checklists & distribution lists
  • Sharing the message: using effective crisis PR by communicating with employees, investors & the general public
  • Learning from the crisis: strengthening your crisis management capabilities and enhancing your resilience to future challenges

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As a full spectrum investor relations agency, IRwerk provides versatile services in the field of corporate crisis communications and reputation management. We know the challenges of C-Levels and decision makers. We meet these challenges with speed, strategy and experience.

Our expertise exceeds industry boundaries, serving clients across banking and financial services, mechanical and software engineering, IT, real estate, hospitality, and more. You benefit from our expertise and responsiveness.

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